Gestalt perception and local-global processing in high-functioning autism.

  title={Gestalt perception and local-global processing in high-functioning autism.},
  author={Sven B{\"o}lte and Martin Holtmann and Fritz Poustka and Armin Scheurich and Lutz Schmidt},
  journal={Journal of autism and developmental disorders},
  volume={37 8},
This study examined gestalt perception in high-functioning autism (HFA) and its relation to tasks indicative of local visual processing. Data on of gestalt perception, visual illusions (VI), hierarchical letters (HL), Block Design (BD) and the Embedded Figures Test (EFT) were collected in adult males with HFA, schizophrenia, depression and normative controls. Individuals with HFA processed gestalt stimuli less in accord with gestalt laws, particularly regarding the principle of similarity… CONTINUE READING
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