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Geschichte Frankreichs im Mittelalter

  title={Geschichte Frankreichs im Mittelalter},
  author={Joachim Ehlers},
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“We’ll Take your King’s Daughter and Everything we Asked for her...”: King Henry V’s Struggle for the Throne of the French Kingdom

This article is devoted to the study of the legal conditions that allowed the King of England Henry V to make a claim to the throne of France. The author points out that by the beginning of the 15th

Royal Power in the Late Carolingian Age: Charles III the Simple and His Predecessors

The prevalent image of the late Carolingian age is one of decline and fall. Charles III the Simple’s (893/898−923) rule, which has hardly received any scholarly attention since the late 19th century,

Klatschjournalismus : Fragment einer adligen Kultur in der bürgerlichen Gesellschaft

Bettina Hennig geht in ihrer Doktorarbeit davon aus, dass im Klatschjournalismus Werte und Fragestellungen einer adligen Kultur aufleben und auf burgerliche Leistungstrager aus Show, Musik, Sport,