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Geschäftsmodelle für die Umsetzung von Quality-of-Service im Breitband-Internet

  title={Gesch{\"a}ftsmodelle f{\"u}r die Umsetzung von Quality-of-Service im Breitband-Internet},
  author={R{\"u}diger Zarnekow and Walter Brenner and Malte Dous},
  booktitle={Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik},
A combustor assembly for an automotive gas turbine engine includes a continuously ignited, pilot flame tube supported on a combustor dome immediately downstream of a prevaporization prechamber with a fuel and air swirler. The pilot flame tube has an air swirler and fuel nozzle supported on an interior bulkhead and is associated with a fuel system that maintains a shielded pilot flame to prevent flame-out of flammable air/fuel mixtures in the main reaction chamber of the combustor; the fuel… CONTINUE READING

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