Germs of arcs on singular algebraic varieties and motivic integration

  title={Germs of arcs on singular algebraic varieties and motivic integration},
  author={Jan Denef and François Loeser},
  journal={Inventiones mathematicae},
We study the scheme of formal arcs on a singular algebraic variety and its images under truncations. We prove a rationality result for the Poincare series of these images which is an analogue of the rationality of the Poincare series associated to p-adic points on a p-adic variety. The main tools which are used are semi-algebraic geometry in spaces of power series and motivic integration (a notion introduced by M. Kontsevich). In particular we develop the theory of motivic integration for semi… 


  • Q. Lê
  • Mathematics
    Dalat University Journal of Science
  • 2022
This paper studies categories of definable subassignments with some category equivalences to semi-algebraic and constructible subsets of arc spaces of algebraic varieties. These equivalences lead to

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