Germline mutation induction at mouse repeat DNA loci by chemical mutagens.

  title={Germline mutation induction at mouse repeat DNA loci by chemical mutagens.},
  author={Carles Vilari{\~n}o-G{\"u}ell and A. Graham Smith and Yuri E. Dubrova},
  journal={Mutation research},
  volume={526 1-2},
Mutation rates at two expanded simple tandem repeat (ESTR) loci were studied in the germline of male mice exposed to two monofunctional alkylating agents, ethylnitrosourea (ENU) and isopropyl methanesulfonate (iPMS), and a topoisomerase II inhibitor, etoposide. Pre-meiotic exposure to the alkylating agents resulted in a highly significant increase in ESTR mutation rate, but did not alter post-meiotically exposed cells. Pre-meiotic mutation induction by ENU and iPMS was linear within the… CONTINUE READING

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