German "Atrocities" and Franco-German Opinion, 1914: The Evidence of German Soldiers' Diaries

  title={German "Atrocities" and Franco-German Opinion, 1914: The Evidence of German Soldiers' Diaries},
  author={John Horne and Alan Kramer},
  journal={The Journal of Modern History},
  pages={1 - 33}
  • J. Horne, A. Kramer
  • Published 1 March 1994
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Modern History
Within a few days of the German invasion of Belgium and France in 1914, rumors of atrocities abounded and rapidly found their way into print. Growing in intensity, they accompanied the entire two-and-a-half-month period of mobile warfare before the Western Front solidified. The aim of this article is twofold. First, it tries to escape the preoccupation with propaganda and the accusational attitudes that have marked the historiography of the subject by establishing the relativity of the concept… 
Genocide on Fleet Street : the Armenian genocide in the British press, 1915-1918.
This paper examines British attitudes towards the Armenian genocide through the three most prominent contemporary newspapers: the Times, the Manchester Guardian and the Daily Mail. In particular, it
The Bavarian Army and French Civilians in the War of 1870-1871: A Cultural Interpretation
This article examines the mixture of hostile and amicable relations that Bavarian fighting men had with French civilians during the Franco-Prussian War, when civilians provided food, fodder and
  • Y. Çetinkaya
  • History
    International Journal of Middle East Studies
  • 2014
Abstract During the Balkan Wars (1912–13), the mobilization of the home front became significant for the belligerent states, which initiated propaganda activities demonizing their enemies and
From Liberation to Purge Trials in the "Mythic Provinces": Recasting French Identities in Alsace and Lorraine, 1918-1920
This article explores how the French state, after having recovered Alsace and the lost portions of Lorraine in 1918, used large-scale purge trials to impose a moral and ethnic view of Frenchness that
French veterans and the Republic : the Union nationale des combattants, 1933-1939
Since Antoine Prost's three volume Les anciens combattants et la societe francaise, 1914-1939 (1977), subsequent histories of the period have largely accepted the benign role of French Great War
Partners in Genocide: The German Police and the Wehrmacht in the Soviet Union
Abstract In the Soviet Union, SS and police forces adopted the strategy of the direct approach as the keystone of German security policy in the occupied territories. Operating in conjunction with
Max Weber: A German Intellectual and the Question of War Guilt after the Great War
Historians know that German bourgeois intellectuals (Max Weber being a prominent example) experienced the verdict of war guilt against their country as though suffering from the impact of an
Martyrdom and Resistance
In many national mythologies, war represents a sacred moment of testing when the people and army reveal their true worth. Notwithstanding the suffering or even the successfulness of the fighting, the
"The Blow Which Civilization Has Suffered": American Preservationists and the Great War, 1914–1919
The destruction of Rheims cathedral in 1914 by the invading German armies forced American preservationists to action. While New Yorkers demanded that belligerents respect international laws
“I am myself it”: comparative national identity formation in the lives of Vera Brittain and Edith Stein
Abstract This is a study of the tranformational impact of their World War One experiences on the national identities of two eminent feminist intellectuals, Vera Brittain and Edith Stein, each a


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Combat and Identity in World War I (Cambridge, 1979)
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Rapports et proces-verbaux d'enque^te
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