Germ cell transplantation in an azoospermic Klinefelter bull.


Germ cell transplantation is a technique that transfers donor testicular cells into recipient testes. A population of germ cells can colonize the recipient testis, initiate spermatogenesis, and produce sperm capable of fertilization. In the present study, a nonmosaic Klinefelter bull was used as a germ cell recipient. The donor cell suspension was… (More)


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@article{Joerg2003GermCT, title={Germ cell transplantation in an azoospermic Klinefelter bull.}, author={Hannes Joerg and Fredi Janett and S Schlatt and Simone M. M{\"{u}ller and Daria Graphodatskaya and D. Suwattana and Mika Asai and Gerald F. Stranzinger}, journal={Biology of reproduction}, year={2003}, volume={69 6}, pages={1940-4} }