Geriatrics in Brazil: a big country with big opportunities.

  title={Geriatrics in Brazil: a big country with big opportunities.},
  author={Luiz Eug{\^e}nio Garcez-Leme and Mariana Deckers Leme and David V. Espino},
  journal={Journal of the American Geriatrics Society},
  volume={53 11},
Brazil has approximately 180 million inhabitants, of whom 15.2 million are aged 60 and older and 1.9 million are aged 80 and older. By 2025, the Brazilian elderly population is expected to grow to more than 32 million. Brazil has many problems related to its geographic and population size. Great distances between major cities, marked cultural and racial heterogeneity between the various geographic regions, high poverty levels, and decreasing family size all combine to put pressure on the… CONTINUE READING

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