Gerbes in Geometry, Field Theory, and Quantisation

  title={Gerbes in Geometry, Field Theory, and Quantisation},
  author={Severin Bunk},
  journal={Complex Manifolds},
  pages={150 - 182}
  • Severin Bunk
  • Published 1 January 2021
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Complex Manifolds
Abstract This is a mostly self-contained survey article about bundle gerbes and some of their recent applications in geometry, field theory, and quantisation. We cover the definition of bundle gerbes with connection and their morphisms, and explain the classification of bundle gerbes with connection in terms of differential cohomology. We then survey how the surface holonomy of bundle gerbes combines with their transgression line bundles to yield a smooth bordism-type field theory. Finally, we… Expand
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Towards an extended/higher correspondence
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  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Complex Manifolds
  • 2021
Abstract In this short paper, we will review the proposal of a correspondence between the doubled geometry of Double Field Theory and the higher geometry of bundle gerbes. Double Field Theory isExpand


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