Geotechnical behavior of the MSW in Tianziling landfill

  title={Geotechnical behavior of the MSW in Tianziling landfill},
  author={Xiang-Rong Zhu and Jian-min Jin and Peng-fei Fang},
  journal={Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE A},
The valley shaped Tianziling landfill of Hangzhou in China built in 1991 to dispose of municipal solid waste (MSW) was designed for a service life of 13 years. The problem of waste landfill slope stability and expansion must be considered from the geotechnical engineering point of view, for which purpose, it is necessary to understand the geotechnical properties of the MSW in the landfill, some of whose-physical properties were measured by common geotechnical tests, such as those on unit weight… CONTINUE READING

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