George Sarton and the Spanish Arabists

  title={George Sarton and the Spanish Arabists},
  author={Thomas F. Glick},
  pages={487 - 499}
OF THE MANY FACTORS that have given Spanish science since the eighteenth century so distinctive a cast, perhaps the most interesting lies in the area of scientific communication: the difficulty that Spanish scientists have had in placing themselves within international networks of science. This difficulty has characteristically led to autodidactism and isolation, the former almost a requisite of scientific achievement, the latter a perception that has reached mythic dimensions in the folklore… Expand
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ACADEMIC Chemistry in Imperial Germany, 500. Ackerknecht, Erwin, rev. of Leisibach, Das Medizinisch-Chirurgische Institut in Zuirich, 239. Agrimi, Jole (ed.), Le "Quaestiones de sensu" attribuite aExpand
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This discussion of Sarton's divergences from traditional Western Orientalism is suggested by
  • Orientalism
  • 1978
Introduction, Vol. I, 6 times and an article by Sarton); Sams6 and Bias Rodriguez
  • Al-Andalus
  • 1971
he refers to himself, obliquely, as an Orientalist. Sarton had studied Arabic first with D. B. MacDonald, then with native speakers in Lebanon and Morocco on a 1931-1932 sabbatical
  • Sarton Papers. In Introduction