George Baron and the Mathematical Correspondent

  title={George Baron and the Mathematical Correspondent},
  author={Edward R Hogan},
  journal={Historia Mathematica},
“Untiring Labor Overcomes All!” The History of the Dutch Mathematical Society in Comparison to Its Various Counterparts in Europe
Abstract The Netherlands, like some other European countries, witnessed the emergence of several amateur mathematical societies in a “philomathy” atmosphere during the 18th and early 19th century.
Jaina Thoughts on Unity Not Being a Number
  • D. Jadhav
  • Philosophy
    History of Science in South Asia
  • 2021
At one time, the Jainas in India and the Greeks in abroad held that unity was not a number. This paper provides an insight for the first time into the thoughts offered by the Jainas as to why unity
The Bicentennial of American Mathematics Journals
David Zitarelli ( received his Ph.D. in algebraic semigroups under Mario Petrich at Penn State, and is now an associate professor of mathematics at Temple University in Philadelphia.


The History of Arithmetic
THE purpose of Prof. Karpinski's book is to present the development of arithmetical knowledge as a vital part of the history of civilisation. Particular attention is paid to the material of
Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times
This comprehensive history traces the development of mathematical ideas and the careers of the men responsible for them. Volume 1 looks at the discipline's origins in Babylon and Egypt, the creation