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Georeferenced soybean yield and nutritional status evaluation under no till system in Southern Brazil.

  title={Georeferenced soybean yield and nutritional status evaluation under no till system in Southern Brazil.},
  author={A. C. C. Bernardi and P. Machado and C. A. D. Carmo and C. A. Silva and L. I. O. Valencia and C. Bettini and M. Meirelles and J. Molin and P. Robert},
The use of soil test variability in precision agriculture studies is well known. However, little is known about the spatial variability of the plant nutrient concentration, specially in a no-tillage system. The nutrient concentrations in plants reflect its real availability in the soil. In a no-till farm in southern Brazil, two growing seasons of soybean were sampled to evaluate the spatial variability of plant nutrient concentrations; and to identify the constraints to soybean yield… Expand
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