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Geophysics. A new paradigm for Earth's core-mantle boundary.

  title={Geophysics. A new paradigm for Earth's core-mantle boundary.},
  author={Edward J. Garnero},
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Two complementary approaches in refining the search for liquid water and habitable environments on present-day Mars

All known active life requires liquid water. The correlation between liquid water and the presence of life on Earth has guided the search for life on other planets. For terrestrial-like life to exist

First-principles study on mechanical and magnetic properties of the perovskite and post-perovskite polymorphs of pure end-member FeSiO3 at the core–mantle boundary

We obtained wave velocities of FeSiO3 within perovskite and post-perovskite phases at 130 GPa by first-principles calculations in order to understand the abrupt reduction in seismic velocity at the


P . J . Tackley , Geochem

  • J . Geophys . Res .