Geophysics: Deep down at Chicxulub

  title={Geophysics: Deep down at Chicxulub},
  author={Jay Melosh},
  • J. Melosh
  • Published 20 December 2001
  • Geology
  • Nature
The best-preserved large impact crater on Earth is overlain by a kilometre of sediment. It is possible to look not only through that wrapping but also beyond, at the effects of the impact at the crust–mantle boundary. 
Bedout: A Possible End-Permian Impact Crater Offshore of Northwestern Australia
The Bedout High, located on the northwestern continental margin of Australia, has emerged as a prime candidate for an end-Permian impact structure and the identification of melt rocks and impact breccias from drill cores located on top of Bedout are consistent with the presence of a buried impact crater.
The ejecta blanket of the Chicxulub impact crater, Yucatán, Mexico
Impactites from the Chicxulub impact crater (D~180 km, ~65 Ma) on the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico, were studied petrographically and chemically to investigate the compositional evolution of ejecta
Survival in the first hours of the Cenozoic
For several hours following the Chicxulub impact, the entire Earth was bathed with intense infrared radiation from ballistically reentering ejecta. The global heat pulse would have killed unsheltered
The discovery and study of structures caused by collision of extraterrestrial objects with the Earth has had a history fi lled with controversy. In the late 19th century G.K. Gilbert suggested that


The Isostatic State of Mead Crater
Abstract We have analyzed high-resolution Magellan Doppler tracking data over Mead crater, using both line-of-sight and spherical harmonic methods, and have found a negative gravity anomaly of about
Origin of the Earth and Moon
About 130 scientists met December 1-3, 1998, in Monterey, California, to share ideas about the formation and very early history of the Earth and Moon. Conference organizers constructed the program to
Vredefort, Sudbury, Chicxulub: Three of a Kind?
Vredefort, Sudbury, and Chicxulub are the largest known terrestrial impact structures. All have been cited as multi-ring basins. The available data indicate that all have some form of multiple-ring
Chicxulub Crater: A possible Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary impact crater on the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
We suggest that a buried 180-km-diameter circular structure on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, is an impact crater. Its size and shape are revealed by magnetic and gravity-field anomalies, as well as
Deep crustal structure of the Chicxulub impact crater
We present the results of a wide-angle seismic survey conducted over the Chicxulub impact crater. Profile Chicx-A/A1 is a chord across the offshore portion of the crater, and Chicx-B/F is an
Guidebook to the Steinheim Basin Impact Crater (Geologisches Landesamt Baden-Württemberg
  • Steinheim am Albuch,
  • 1979
Prog., Abstr
  • Biogr., Soc. Exploration Geophysicists 51st Annu. Int. Mtg
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