Geophysical Variables and Behavior: LXXVII. Increased Geomagnetic Activity and Decreased Pleasantness of Spontaneous Narratives for Percipients but Not Agents

  title={Geophysical Variables and Behavior: LXXVII. Increased Geomagnetic Activity and Decreased Pleasantness of Spontaneous Narratives for Percipients but Not Agents},
  author={D R Churchill and Michael A. Persinger and A W Thomas},
  journal={Perceptual and Motor Skills},
  pages={387 - 392}
A total of 48 adults were tested in 24 separate pairs either during the morning (10:00 A.M.) or evening (10:00 P.M.). One member of each pair was instructed to record (write) impressions and descriptions of 8 different art pieces (5 min. each). At the same time the other member of the pair sat in a comfortable chair within an acoustic chamber in another room and wrote an ongoing narrative. The evaluation and activity dimensions of the words that composed the narratives were scored by the… 
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Evidence for Enhanced Congruence Between Dreams and Distant Target Material During Periods of Decreased Geomagnetic Activity
The accuracy of concordance between dream content and target pictures over 20 nonconsecutive nights (19641967) for a single percipient was correlated with global geomagnetic activity. Spearman p


Geophysical Variables and Behavior: LXXI. Differential Contribution of Geomagnetic Activity to Paranormal Experiences concerning Death and Crisis: An Alternative to the Esp Hypothesis
Although content analysis suggests that nocturnal psi experiences and temporal lobe epilepsy may share a similar mechanism, different classes of subjective psi experiences may not be affected by the same stimuli.
Modification of activation and evaluation properties of narratives by weak complex magnetic field patterns that simulate limbic burst firing.
In two separate experiments a total of 71 volunteers were asked to generate spontaneous narratives that were scored automatically by the Whissell Dictionary of Affect, and the possibility that this approach could be utilized to study the affective dimension of language selection was indicated.
Geophysical Variables and Behavior: LXVII. Quieter Annual Geomagnetic Activity and Larger Effect Size for Experimental PSI (ESP) Studies over Six Decades
Standardized measures (relative effect size) were calculated for all experiments published between the years 1882 and 1939 that concerned putative telepathy. During this period the magnitude of the
Vectorial Cerebral Hemisphericity as Differential Sources for the Sensed Presence, Mystical Experiences and Religious Conversions
Conditions that facilitate interhemispheric intercalation and the generation of experiential phenomena that include “evil entities,” gods, out-of-body experiences, and alterations in space-time are discussed.
Temporal Lobe Signs and Enhanced Pleasantness Scores for Words Generated during Spontaneous Narratives
Quantitative measures of the evaluative (pleasantness) dimension but not the activity (arousal) dimension of words generated during narratives of subjective experiences within an exotic setting were significantly correlated with the numbers of temporal lobe signs.
Complex partial epileptic signs as a continuum from normals to epileptics: normative data and clinical populations.
An inventory whose items describe experiences that are similar to those evoked by electrical stimulation of the temporal lobes was administered, and T scores for these clusters were calculated for special normal populations and clinical groups.
The Sexual Brain
The Sexual Brain puts forward the compelling case that the diversity of human sexual feelings and behavior can best be understood in terms of the development, structure, and function of the brain circuits that produce them.