Geophysical Variables and Behavior: Civ. Power-Frequency Magnetic Field Transients (5 Microtesla) and Reports of Haunt Experiences within an Electronically Dense House

  title={Geophysical Variables and Behavior: Civ. Power-Frequency Magnetic Field Transients (5 Microtesla) and Reports of Haunt Experiences within an Electronically Dense House},
  author={Michael A. Persinger and Stanley A. Koren and R. P O'Connor},
  journal={Perceptual and Motor Skills},
  pages={673 - 674}
Magnetic field measurements for power frequencies were measured continuously over two 24-hr. periods for a small house in which two adults who exhibited above normal occurrences of complex partial epileptic-like experiences had reported “waves of fear”, tactile sensations, nightmares, apparitions, and a sensed presence. The experiences occurred within an area in which irregular amplitude modulations between 1 microT and 5 microT (50 mG) from 60-Hz sources, with durations of a few seconds to… 
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Experimental Simulation of a Haunt Experience and Elicitation of Paroxysmal Electroencephalographic Activity by Transcerebral Complex Magnetic Fields: Induction of a Synthetic “Ghost”?
The results of this experiment suggest that controlled simulation of these pervasive phenomena within the laboratory is possible and that this experimental protocol may help discern the physical stimuli that evoke their occurrence in nature.