Geophagy in the golden-faced saki monkey ( Pithecia pithecia chrysocephala ) in the Central Amazon

  title={Geophagy in the golden-faced saki monkey ( Pithecia pithecia chrysocephala ) in the Central Amazon},
  author={Eleonore Zulnara Freire Setz and Jacinta Enzweiler and Vera Nisaka Solferini and M. P. Ame{\~A}ndola and R. S. Berton},
The golden-faced saki monkey Pithecia pithecia chrysocephala (Cebidae, Primates) was observed eating soil from termite nests during a long-term study of a family group in a Central Amazonian forest fragment. In this paper we describe the behaviour involved in the geophagy in these monkeys, and the results of geochemical and physical analyses of the termite nest material, as well as root mat and topsoil samples below the trees, in order to clarify the possible reasons for it. The sakis ate soil… CONTINUE READING


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