Geophagy among school children in western Kenya.

  title={Geophagy among school children in western Kenya.},
  author={P Wenzel Geissler and David L Mwaniki and Fred W Thiong'o and Henrik T\onder Aabjerg Friis},
  journal={Tropical medicine & international health : TM & IH},
  volume={2 7},
A cross-sectional study was conducted among 285 school children aged 5-18 years in Nyanza Province, Western Kenya, to determine the prevalence of geophagy and the types and amounts of soil eaten. Stool samples were taken from a subsample of 53 (19%) and their silica content determined to compare the results with the reported geophagy. Geophagy was practised by 73% of the children. The prevalence decreased with age for both sexes up to age 15, then remained stable for girls between 15 and 18… CONTINUE READING

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