Geomorphological Map of the Messak Settafet and Mellet (Central Sahara, SW Libya)

  title={Geomorphological Map of the Messak Settafet and Mellet (Central Sahara, SW Libya)},
  author={Alessandro Perego and Andrea Zerboni and Mauro Cremaschi},
  journal={Journal of Maps},
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Abstract Please click here to download the map associated with this article. The Messak is a central Saharan massif cut into Cretaceous sandstone and delimited to the north and the west by a high scarp. It is a relict of a peneplain, dissected by dendritic wadis, and has originated since the late Tertiary under a rich water supply. Geomorphological mapping of the area was carried out by means of field survey and satellite imagery analysis. Due to the almost complete absence of vegetation… 

Geomorphological Map of the Tadrart Acacus Massif and the Erg Uan Kasa (Libyan Central Sahara)

Here we present a geomorphological map of the Tadrart Acacus Massif and Erg Uan Kasa (SW Libya, central Sahara). The geomorphological mapping of the area was carried out by means of satellite imagery

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Aquatic fauna from the Takarkori rock shelter reveals the Holocene central Saharan climate and palaeohydrography

The abundant faunal remains from the Takarkori rock shelter in the Tadrart Acacus region of southwestern Libya are described, which illustrates the more humid environmental conditions in the Central Sahara during early and middle Holocene times.



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The rock varnish in the Messak Settafet (Fezzan, Libyan Sahara), age, archaeological context, and paleo‐environmental implication

The manganese-rich rock varnish from the Messak Settafet plateau is a relict feature that developed at the end of the Holocene humid cycle, before the onset of the present-day hyperarid conditions.

Forum: Environment, Archaeology, and Oil: The Messak Settafet Rescue Operation (Libyan Sahara)

Looking at the satellite images of Central Sahara, anyone would be amazed by a large, heavily black region: it is the Messak (or Amsach, in Tamasheq) Settafet Plateau, part of the Hamada of Murzuq

Ii telerilevamento nella ricostruzione della paleoidrografia olocenica in zone aride. Ii caso di studio di Wadi Tanezzuft, Libia SO

The wadi Tanezzuft is nowadays an inactive fluvial valley located in the SW Fezzan, an hyperarid region of the Libyan Sahara. In the wet Holocene (11-5 Kyr BP) there was an endorheic river which