Geometry of extended Bianchi–Cartan–Vranceanu spaces

  title={Geometry of extended Bianchi–Cartan–Vranceanu spaces},
  author={Angel Ferr{\'a}ndez and Antonio Mart{\'i}nez Naveira and Ana D. Tarr{\'i}o},
  journal={Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, F{\'i}sicas y Naturales. Serie A. Matem{\'a}ticas},
The differential geometry of three-dimensional Bianchi, Cartan and Vranceanu (BCV) spaces is well known. We introduce the extended Bianchi, Cartan and Vranceanu (EBCV) spaces as a natural seven dimensional generalization of BCV spaces and study some of their main geometric properties, such as the Levi-Civita connection, Ricci curvatures, Killing fields and geodesics. 
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