Geometry and reproducibility in 360 degrees fundoplication.


BACKGROUND In this study, we set out to precisely define two symmetrical points-a on the anterior fundic wall and b on the posterior fundic wall. These points, when advanced around a 60-Fr bougie-filled esophagus, will meet on the right side, to the right of the anterior vagus nerve, to create a reliable, reproducible, loose (i.e., or "floppy") 360 degrees… (More)


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@article{Reardon2000GeometryAR, title={Geometry and reproducibility in 360 degrees fundoplication.}, author={P. R. Reardon and Barbara Matthews and Timothy Scarborough and Arelis Preciado and Jennifer L. Marti and Joseph I. Kamelgard}, journal={Surgical endoscopy}, year={2000}, volume={14 8}, pages={750-4} }