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Geometry and organization of coherent structures in stably stratified atmospheric boundary layers

  title={Geometry and organization of coherent structures in stably stratified atmospheric boundary layers},
  author={Abhishek Harikrishnan and Cedrick Ansorge and Rupert Klein and Nikki Vercauteren},
Global intermittency is observed in the stably stratified Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) and corresponds to having large nonturbulent flow regions to develop in an otherwise turbulent flow. In this paper, the differences between continuous and intermittent turbulence are quantified with the help of coherent structures. Eight classes of coherent structures are identified from literature, most of which are indicated by scalar criteria derived from velocity fields. A method is developed to… 
Definition, detection, and tracking of persistent structures in atmospheric flows
in atmospheric flows Johannes von Lindheim,1 Abhishek Harikrishnan,2 Tom Dörffel,2 Rupert Klein,2 Péter Koltai,2 Natalia Mikula,3 Annette Müller,4 Peter Névir,4 George Pacey,4 Robert Polzin,2 and


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