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Geometry, chronometry, and empiricism

  title={Geometry, chronometry, and empiricism},
  author={Adolf Gr{\"u}nbaum},
The Conventionality of Simultaneity and Einstein’s Conventionality of Geometry
  • M. Valente
  • Physics
    Kairos. Journal of Philosophy & Science
  • 2018
Abstract The conventionality of simultaneity thesis as established by Reichenbach and Grünbaum is related to the partial freedom in the definition of simultaneity in an inertial reference frame. An
Griinbaum recognizes continuity as an hypothesis; he finds that it is both indispensable to theory and that it is warranted by the evidence. However, as this paper shows, the continuity that
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Adolph Grtinbaum has argued that Duhem's conventionalism is false for the case of Euclidean geometry ([6], [7], [8]). According to Duhem, any portion of a physical theory can be preserved from
Theoretical Equivalence in Physics
I review the philosophical literature on the question of when two physical theories are equivalent. This includes a discussion of empirical equivalence, which is often taken to be necessary, and
Theory (In-)Equivalence and conventionalism in f(R) gravity.
The conventionality of simultaneity in Einstein’s practical chrono-geometry
While Einstein considered that sub specie astern the correct philosophical position regarding geometry was that of the conventionality of geometry, he felt that provisionally it was necessary to
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Between 1880 and 1900 emerged a set of post romantic —almost vitalist—attitudes towards the sciences on the part of distinguished French intellectuals that range from a deep irrationalism to a not
The philosophy of Hans Reichenbach
Ce travail est consacre a l’application d’un heteropolyanion de type Dawson, substitue au fer [H ₁,₅ Fe ₁,₅ P ₂ W ₁₂ Mo ₆ O ₆₁ ,22H ₂ O] dans la reaction d’oxydation d’un colorant azoique (l’acide