Geometry, Construction and Structural Analysis of the Crossed-Arch Vault of the Chapel of Villaviciosa, in the Mosque of Córdoba

  title={Geometry, Construction and Structural Analysis of the Crossed-Arch Vault of the Chapel of Villaviciosa, in the Mosque of C{\'o}rdoba},
  author={Paula Fuentes and Santiago S{\'a}nchez-Cervera Huerta},
  journal={International Journal of Architectural Heritage},
  pages={589 - 603}
  • P. Fuentes, S. Huerta
  • Published 3 July 2016
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of Architectural Heritage
ABSTRACT The vault of Villaviciosa is one of the oldest existing examples of a true ribbed vault, and is the first of the crossed-arch type. Although its perfection suggests earlier trials, none has been found so far. It predates the oldest Romanesque ribbed vaults by more than a century. Notwithstanding its importance, no construction and structural study has ever been done; neither has an accurate survey been published. The purpose of this article is to fill this gap in the history of vault… 
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