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Geometrization of the local Langlands correspondence

  title={Geometrization of the local Langlands correspondence},
  author={Laurent Fargues and Peter Scholze},
Following the idea of [Far16], we develop the foundations of the geometric Langlands program on the Fargues--Fontaine curve. In particular, we define a category of $\ell$-adic sheaves on the stack $\mathrm{Bun}_G$ of $G$-bundles on the Fargues--Fontaine curve, prove a geometric Satake equivalence over the Fargues--Fontaine curve, and study the stack of $L$-parameters. As applications, we prove finiteness results for the cohomology of local Shimura varieties and general moduli spaces of local… 

$p$-adic sheaves on classifying stacks, and the $p$-adic Jacquet-Langlands correspondence

. We establish several new properties of the p -adic Jacquet-Langlands functor defined by Scholze in terms of the cohomology of the Lubin-Tate tower. In particular, we reprove Scholze’s basic

Galois representations for even general special orthogonal groups

We prove the existence of $\mathrm{GSpin}_{2n}$-valued Galois representations corresponding to cohomological cuspidal automorphic representations of certain quasi-split forms of $\mathrm{GSO}_{2n}$

Finiteness for Hecke algebras of $p$-adic groups

. Let G be a reductive group over a non-archimedean local field F of residue characteristic p . We prove that the Hecke algebras of G ( F ) with coefficients in any noetherian Z ℓ -algebra R with ℓ 6 =

On the Kottwitz conjecture for local shtuka spaces

Abstract Kottwitz’s conjecture describes the contribution of a supercuspidal representation to the cohomology of a local Shimura variety in terms of the local Langlands correspondence. A natural

On the \'etale cohomology of Hilbert modular varieties with torsion coefficients

We study the étale cohomology of Hilbert modular varieties, building on the methods introduced for unitary Shimura varieties in [CS17, CS19]. We obtain the analogous vanishing theorem: in the

The smooth locus in infinite-level Rapoport–Zink spaces

Rapoport–Zink spaces are deformation spaces for $p$-divisible groups with additional structure. At infinite level, they become preperfectoid spaces. Let ${{\mathscr M}}_{\infty }$ be an

Smith theory and cyclic base change functoriality

. Lafforgue and Genestier-Lafforgue have constructed the global and (semisimplified) local Langlands correspondences for arbitrary reductive groups over function fields. We establish various properties

Averaging functors in Fargues' program for GL_n

We study the so-called averaging functors from the geometric Langlands program in the setting of Fargues’ program. This makes explicit certain cases of the spectral action which was recently

Compatibility of the Fargues-Scholze and Gan-Takeda Local Langlands

Given a prime p, a finite extension L/Qp, a connected p-adic reductive group G/L, and a smooth irreducible representation π of G(L), Fargues-Scholze [FS21] recently attached a semisimple Weil

Mod $p$ points on Shimura varieties of parahoric level (with an appendix by Rong Zhou)

We study the mod $p$-points of the Kisin-Pappas integral models of abelian type Shimura varieties with parahoric level structure. We show that if the group is quasi-split and unramified, then the mod



Vector bundles with a Frobenius structure on the punctured unit disc

Let $\mathbb{C}$ be a complete non-archimedean-valued algebraically closed field of characteristic p > 0 and consider the punctured unit disc $\dot{D} \subset \mathbb{C}$. Let q be a power of p and

Group schemes with strict O-action

Let O denote the ring of integers in a p-adic local field. Recall that O-modules are formal groups with an O-action such that the induced action on the Lie algebra is via scalars. In the paper this

A p-adic local monodromy theorem

We produce a canonical filtration for locally free sheaves on an open p-adic annulus equipped with a Frobenius structure. Using this filtration, we deduce a conjecture of Crew on p-adic differential

L'isomorphisme entre les tours de Lubin-Tate et de Drinfeld

Ce livre contient une demonstration detaillee et complete de l'existence d'un isomorphisme equivariant entre les tours p-adiques de Lubin-Tate et de Drinfeld. Le resultat est etabli en egales et

Les zéros des fonctions analytiques d’une variable sur un corps valué complet

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Vector bundles and p-adic Galois representations. In Fifth International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians. Part 1, 2, volume 2 of AMS/IP Stud

  • Adv. Math., 51,
  • 2012