Geometrical thermodynamics and P–V criticality of the black holes with power-law Maxwell field

  title={Geometrical thermodynamics and P–V criticality of the black holes with power-law Maxwell field},
  author={Seyed Hossein Hendi and Behzad Eslam Panah and S. Panahiyan and M. Talezadeh},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
We study the thermodynamical structure of Einstein black holes in the presence of power Maxwell invariant nonlinear electrodynamics for two different cases. The behavior of temperature and conditions regarding the stability of these black holes are investigated. Since the language of geometry is an effective method in general relativity, we concentrate on the geometrical thermodynamics to build a phase space for studying thermodynamical properties of these black holes. In addition, taking into… 

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  • C. H. Nam
  • Physics
    The European Physical Journal C
  • 2018
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