Geometrical freedom for constructing variable size photonic bandgap structures

  title={Geometrical freedom for constructing variable size photonic bandgap structures},
  author={Javad Zarbakhsh and Abbas Mohtashami and Kurt Hingerl},
  journal={Optical and Quantum Electronics},
  • Javad Zarbakhsh, Abbas Mohtashami, Kurt Hingerl
  • Published 2007
  • Physics
  • Optical and Quantum Electronics
  • In order to study the design flexibility of photonic bandgap structures, we investigate different examples of 1D traditional Bragg layers and 2D photonic crystals. We have also considered a simple case of 3D woodpile structures. It turns out that in systems with large gaps, the evanescent waves penetrate into the bulk only distances comparable to one lattice constant. Therefore confinement of light can also be achieved without long range order, which leads to the introduction of novel photonic… CONTINUE READING

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