Geometrical engineering of a two-band Chern insulator in two dimensions with arbitrary topological index

  title={Geometrical engineering of a two-band Chern insulator in two dimensions with arbitrary topological index},
  author={Doru Sticlet and Fr'ed'eric Pi'echon and J N Fuchs and Pavel Kalugin and Pascal Simon},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Two-dimensional 2-bands insulators breaking time reversal symmetry can present topological phases indexed by a topological invariant called the Chern number. Here we first propose an efficient procedure to determine this topological index. This tool allows in principle to conceive 2-bands Hamiltonians with arbitrary Chern numbers. We apply our methodology to gradually construct a quantum anomalous Hall insulator (Chern insulator) which can be tuned through five topological phases indexed by the… 

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