Geometrical array of the vestibular sensory hair bundle.

  title={Geometrical array of the vestibular sensory hair bundle.},
  author={Dan Bagger-Sj{\"o}b{\"a}ck and Masaya Takumida},
  journal={Acta oto-laryngologica},
  volume={106 5-6},
The stereometrical arrangement of the sensory hair bundles in vestibular epithelia of the guinea pig was studied with high-resolution scanning electronmicroscopy. Besides the previously known arrangement in tall and short hair bundles, a new morphological criterion dividing the hair bundles into two separate populations is described. Thus the hair bundles can be separated into a loose and a tight type, depending on the interrelationship between the individual stereocilia. The cilia in the loose… CONTINUE READING
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