Geometric Pattern Matching in d-Dimensional Space

  title={Geometric Pattern Matching in d-Dimensional Space},
  author={L. Paul Chew and Dorit Dor and Alon Efrat and Klara Kedem},
We show that, using the L1 metric, the minimum Hausdorr distance under translation between two point sets of cardinality n in d-dimensional space can be computed in time O(n (4d?2)=3 log 2 n) for d > 3. Thus we improve the previous time bound of O(n 2d?2 log 2 n) due to Chew and Kedem. For d = 3 we obtain a better result of O(n 3 log 2 n) time by exploiting the fact that the union of n axis-parallel unit cubes can be decomposed into O(n) disjoint axis-parallel boxes. We prove that the number of… CONTINUE READING

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