Geometric Dynamic Recrystallization in α-Zirconium at Elevated Temperatures

  title={Geometric Dynamic Recrystallization in α-Zirconium at Elevated Temperatures},
  author={S. R. Barrabes and Michael E. Kassner and Mar{\'i}a Teresa P{\'e}rez-Prado and Enrico Evangelista},
The micron-size grain refinement of pure a-zirconium obtained with elevated temperature tensile deformation was investigated. The development of low-misorientation subboundaries caused the serration of the original grain boundaries at low strains. The final microstructure (e.g. strains > 3) was predominantly composed of fine, equiaxed “crystallites” with ⅔ of the boundaries being of very low misorientations ( 8°, and typically 25-35°). Discontinuous dynamic recrystallization was excluded as a… CONTINUE READING