Geometric Approach to Strapdown Magnetometer Calibration in Sensor Frame

  title={Geometric Approach to Strapdown Magnetometer Calibration in Sensor Frame},
  author={Jos{\'e} Fernandes Vasconcelos and G. Elkaim and Carlos Silvestre and Paulo Jorge Ramalho Oliveira and Bruno Cardeira},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems},
In this work a new algorithm is derived for the onboard calibration of three-axis strapdown magnetometers. The proposed calibration method is written in the sensor frame, and compensates for the combined effect of all linear time-invariant distortions, namely soft iron, hard iron, sensor nonorthogonality, and bias, among others. A maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) is formulated to iteratively find the optimal calibration parameters that best fit to the onboard sensor readings, without… CONTINUE READING
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