Geological Context of Potential Landing Site of the Luna Glob Mission

  title={Geological Context of Potential Landing Site of the Luna Glob Mission},
  author={Mikhail A. Ivanov and A. M. Abdrakhimov and Alexander T. Basilevsky and Joanna Lee Dixon and James W. Head and Lacy D Chick and J. Vitten and Maria T. Zuber and D. E. Simt and Erwan Mazarico and Catherine D. Neish and Darlene Bassey},
The region planned for performing the Luna Glob mission is located in the southern part of the swell surrounding the largest South Pole–Aitken (SPA) basin. The photogeological analysis of the surface topography of this region using the LRO WAC (resolution of 100 Mpxl) photomaps made it possible to define the following groups of morphological units (area types): (1) related to the formation of relatively fresh impact craters; (2) associated with larger (>100 km across) degraded craters including… CONTINUE READING


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