Geological, Geographical and Legal Considerations for the Conservation of Unique Iron Oxide and Sulphur Flows at El Laco and Lastarria Volcanic Complexes, Central Andes, Northern Chile

  title={Geological, Geographical and Legal Considerations for the Conservation of Unique Iron Oxide and Sulphur Flows at El Laco and Lastarria Volcanic Complexes, Central Andes, Northern Chile},
  author={Rodrigo Guij{\'o}n and Fernando Henr{\'i}quez and Jos{\'e} Antonio Naranjo},
Considering the exceptional geological characteristics of iron oxide and sulphur lavas structures cropping out at El Laco and Lastarria volcanic complexes in Northern Chile, their geographical context, and the Chilean legal framework for conservation, the authors make a general assessment of the geological heritage value of both volcanoes, while analysing the possibilities and challenges that arise in order to protect them. Relevant issues in this matter are the lack of appropriate laws and of… 

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