Geohashed Spatial Index Method for a Location-Aware WBAN Data Monitoring System Based on NoSQL

  title={Geohashed Spatial Index Method for a Location-Aware WBAN Data Monitoring System Based on NoSQL},
  author={Yan Li and Dongho Kim and Byeong-Seok Shin},
  journal={J. Inf. Process. Syst.},
The exceptional development of electronic device technology, the miniaturization of mobile devices, and the development of telecommunication technology has made it possible to monitor human biometric data anywhere and anytime by using different types of wearable or embedded sensors. In daily life, mobile devices can collect wireless body area network (WBAN) data, and the co-collected location data is also important for disease analysis. In order to efficiently analyze WBAN data, including… 

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Metadata System for XML-based ECG Management Supporting Interoperability
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RDB-KV: A Cloud Database Framework for Managing Massive Heterogeneous Sensor Stream Data
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    2012 Second International Conference on Intelligent System Design and Engineering Application
  • 2012
A Relational Data-Base and Key-Value store combined Cloud Data management ("RDB-KV CloudDB") framework for managing sensor data can provide satisfactory performances in large scale sensor-based systems.
The D-tree: an index structure for planar point queries in location-based wireless services
Experimental results show that the proposed D-tree outperforms the well-known indexes such as the R/sup-tree, and that both the FGA and AGA approaches can achieve different performance trade-offs between the index search time and storage overhead by fine-tuning their algorithmic parameters.
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MoCAsH addresses security and privacy issues by deploying selective and federated P2P Cloud to protect data, preserve data ownership and strengthen aspects of security, and addresses various quality-of-service issues concerning critical responses and energy consumption.
System architecture of a wireless body area sensor network for ubiquitous health monitoring
This paper presents hardware and software architecture of a working wireless sensor network system for ambulatory health status monitoring that consists of multiple sensor nodes that monitor body motion and heart activity, a network coordinator, and a personal server running on a personal digital assistant or a personal computer.