Geographies of retailing and consumption: markets in motion

  title={Geographies of retailing and consumption: markets in motion},
  author={Louise Crewe},
  journal={Progress in Human Geography},
  pages={352 - 362}
  • L. Crewe
  • Published 1 June 2003
  • Economics
  • Progress in Human Geography
While I began my first of three reports on retailing and consumption (see Crewe, 2000;2001) bemoaning the early neglect of these topics across a number of academicdisciplines, I start my final report with an altogether different lament, namely that therehas been a recent surfeit of writings on markets, material culture and consumption.While this is no bad thing in itself, I use the word lament purposefully in order to signalmy concern about the insightfulness of some of this work (see also… 

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  • Sociology
  • 2004
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