Geographically overlapping Alzheimer's disease registries: comparisons and implications.

  title={Geographically overlapping Alzheimer's disease registries: comparisons and implications.},
  author={Ross L Barnhart and Gerald van Belle and Steven Edland and Walter B Kukull and Soo Borson and Murray A. Raskind and Linda Teri and Peter Mclean and Eric B. Larson},
  journal={Journal of geriatric psychiatry and neurology},
  volume={8 4},
In the medical and epidemiologic literature, a registry denotes a data base in which registrants share some common characteristic such as disease category. One criticism of registries is that they frequently collect subjects in a haphazard fashion and, hence, are "nonrepresentative of the population purportedly being represented." In this report, we compare two registries: an incident-based Alzheimer's Disease Patient Registry (ADPR) recruiting subjects for epidemiologic studies from a large… CONTINUE READING