Geographical gradients in the population dynamics of North American prairie ducks.

  title={Geographical gradients in the population dynamics of North American prairie ducks.},
  author={Bernt-Erik Saether and Magnar Lilleg{\aa}rd and Vidar Gr\otan and Mark C Drever and Steinar Engen and Thomas D. Nudds and Kevin M. Podruzny},
  journal={The Journal of animal ecology},
  volume={77 5},
1. Geographic gradients in population dynamics may occur because of spatial variation in resources that affect the deterministic components of the dynamics (i.e. carrying capacity, the specific growth rate at small densities or the strength of density regulation) or because of spatial variation in the effects of environmental stochasticity. To evaluate these, we used a hierarchical Bayesian approach to estimate parameters characterizing deterministic components and stochastic influences on… CONTINUE READING
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