Geographical Latitudes in Eratosthenes, Hipparchus and Posidonius

  title={Geographical Latitudes in Eratosthenes, Hipparchus and Posidonius},
  author={Aubrey Diller},
  pages={258 - 269}
  • Aubrey Diller
  • Published 1934
  • Art
  • Klio
  • Our knowledge of the ancient measurements of the size of the earth comes chiefly from a Schoolbook of the second century, Cleomedes On the Orbits of the Heavenly Bodies, which gives (I 10) an account of two separate measurements, by Eratosthenes and by Posidonius. According to Cleomedes, Eratosthenes derived the circumference of the earth from the arc of a meridian between Alexandria and Syene, which he found to be 1/50 of a circle and 5000 stades in length: 50 X 5000 = 250000. Posidonius used… CONTINUE READING
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