GeogDL: a web-based approach to geography examination revision


The traditional educational approach with students as passive recipients has been the subject of criticism. A constructivist learner-centered approach towards education has been argued to produce greater internalization and application of knowledge compared to the traditional teacher-centered, transmission-oriented approach. Nevertheless, contemporary instructional design models argue for the use and integration of both approaches especially in complex learning tasks. This paper describes GeogDL, a Webbased application developed above a digital library of geographical resources for Singapore students preparing to take a national examination in geography. GeogDL is unique in that it not only provides an environment for active learning, it also adopts a pragmatic approach to learning that recognizes the importance of examinations especially in the Singapore education system. The paper discusses the components within the system that permit teachers to facilitate active student learning, to draw interconnections, and to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration. GeogDL was pilot-tested on a group of secondary school students in Singapore and the results suggested the viability of the system and also provided direction for future development.

DOI: 10.1016/j.compedu.2004.04.011

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