Geodynamic evolution of the Galápagos hot spot system (Central East Pacific) over the past 20 m.y.: Constraints from morphology, geochemistry, and magnetic anomalies

  title={Geodynamic evolution of the Galápagos hot spot system (Central East Pacific) over the past 20 m.y.: Constraints from morphology, geochemistry, and magnetic anomalies},
  author={R. Werner},
  • R. Werner
  • Published 2003
[1] We report results of magnetic data from the Nazca Plate and of geochemical (major element and Sr-NdPb-isotope) analyses of rocks dredged from the Galápagos hot spot tracks (Cocos, Carnegie, Malpelo and Coiba Ridges and adjacent seamounts) in the Central East Pacific. Magnetic anomalies indicate that the Malpelo and Carnegie Ridges were once attached and that seafloor spreading separated the two ridges between 14.5 Ma and 9.5 Ma. The variations in Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic composition show that… CONTINUE READING

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