Geodetic Reference System 1980

  title={Geodetic Reference System 1980},
  author={Helmut Moritz},
  journal={Bulletin G{\'e}od{\'e}sique},
  • H. Moritz
  • Published 1 September 1980
  • Geology
  • Bulletin Géodésique

The Geodesist’s Handbook 2020

Vínculo do Datum Vertical Equatoriano ao International Height Reference System - IHRS

The Earth is a planet with constant changes and dynamical process with consequent mass transport processes within the called Earth System. The highlight is that such effects imply changes on the

The first Australian gravimetric quasigeoid model with location-specific uncertainty estimates

We describe the computation of the first Australian quasigeoid model to include error estimates as a function of location that have been propagated from uncertainties in the EGM2008 global model,

Assessments of Recent GRACE and GOCE Release 5 Global Geopotential Models in Canada

The objective of this study is to assess the recent GRACE and GOCE release 5 (R5) global geopotential models (GGM) in Canada. For the evaluation of the GGM against GPS-Levelling data and deflections

Evaluation of the third- and fourth-generation GOCE Earth gravity field models with Australian terrestrial gravity data in spherical harmonics

In March 2013, the fourth generation of European Space Agency’s (ESA) global gravity field models, DIR4 (Bruinsma et al. in Proceedings of the ESA living planet symposium, 28 June–2 July, Bergen,

Error sources and data limitations for the prediction of surface gravity: a case study using benchmarks

Gravity-based heights require gravity values at levelled benchmarks (BMs), which sometimes have to be predicted from surrounding observations. We use the Earth Gravitational Model 2008 (EGM2008) and

Computation of the atmospheric gravity correction in New Zealand

Abstract The proper treatment and the accurate modelling of atmospheric gravity correction and other environmental effects on gravity measurements are indispensable in precise gravimetric

Complete spherical Bouguer gravity anomalies over Australia

Complete (or refined) spherical Bouguer gravity anomalies have been computed for all 1 095 065 land gravity observations in the June 2007 release of the Australian national gravity database. The

Method of calculating tsunami travel times in the Andaman Sea region

A new model to calculate tsunami travel times in the Andaman Sea region has been developed and provides more accurate travel time estimates for tsunamis propagating to Patong Beach on the west coast of Phuket, Thailand.

The Gravimetric geoid of Tanzania

Abstract In continuation of earlier work on the geoid of Eastern Africa a further study has been undertaken to determine the geoid of Tanzania, bounded by latitude −12° ≤ φ ≤ -1°, longitude 29° ≤ λ ≤