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Geodesic regression

  title={Geodesic regression},
  author={Frank Hansen},
  • F. Hansen
  • Published 4 May 2020
  • Mathematics
  • ArXiv
The theory of geodesic regression aims to find a geodesic curve which is an optimal fit to a given set of data. In this article we restrict ourselves to the Riemannian manifold of positive definite operators (matrices) on a Hilbert space of finite dimension. There is a unique geodesic curve connecting two positive definite operators, and it is given by the weighted geometric mean. The function that measures the squared Riemannian metric distance between an operator and a geodesic curve is not… 

Longitudinal Prediction of Infant MR Images With Multi-Contrast Perceptual Adversarial Learning

This paper adapts generative adversarial networks (GAN) to a new application: longitudinal image prediction of structural MRI in the first year of life and shows that the MPGAN is an effective solution for longitudinal MR image data imputation in the infant brain.

Statistical Inference on the Hilbert Sphere with Application to Random Densities

: The infinite-dimensional Hilbert sphere S ∞ has been widely employed to model density functions and shapes, extending the finite-dimensional counterpart. We consider the Fr´echet mean as an intrinsic



Geodesic Regression and the Theory of Least Squares on Riemannian Manifolds

This paper develops the theory of geodesic regression and least-squares estimation on Riemannian manifolds. Geodesic regression is a method for finding the relationship between a real-valued

The Riemannian Geometry of the Space of Positive-Definite Matrices and Its Application to the Regularization of Positive-Definite Matrix-Valued Data

A Riemannian framework for smoothing data that are constrained to live in $\mathcal{P}(n)$, the space of symmetric positive-definite matrices of order n, which is equivalent to the heat flow or isotropic linear diffusion which smooths data everywhere.

Convex multivariate operator means

  • F. Hansen
  • Mathematics
    Linear Algebra and its Applications
  • 2019

Perturbation Formulas for Traces on $C^*$-algebras

We introduce the Frechet differential of operator functions on C*-aIgebras obtained via spectral theory from ordinary differentiate functions. In the finite-dimensional case this differential is

A Schwarz inequality for convex operator functions

For any Hilbert space 3C, let 3C be the totality of bounded selfadjoint operators with spectrum contained in an interval I, which need not be finite. If f is a function from 3C to the self-adjoint

Interpolation by completely positive maps

Given commuting families of Hermitian matrices {A 1, … , A k } and {B 1, … , B k }, conditions for the existence of a completely positive map Φ, such that Φ(A j ) = B j for j = 1, … , k, are studied.

Fast Predictive Simple Geodesic Regression

This work proposes using a fast predictive approach to perform image registrations to approximate a simplified geodesic regression model to capture longitudinal brain changes and facilitates large-scale analysis on a single graphics processing unit (GPU).

Mathematical Methods for Medical Imaging

A geometric treatment of time-varying volatilities

In this article, we propose a new framework for addressing multivariate time-varying volatilities. By employing methods of differential geometry, our model respects the geometric structure of the

Perspectives and completely positive maps

We study the filtering of the perspective of a regular operator map of several variables through a completely positive linear map. By this method we are able to extend known operator inequalities of