Geodesic motion in the five-dimensional Myers-Perry-AdS spacetime

  title={Geodesic motion in the five-dimensional Myers-Perry-AdS spacetime},
  author={Saskia Grunau and Hendrik Neumann and Stephan Reimers},
  journal={Physical Review D},
In this article we study the geodesic motion of test particles and light in the five-dimensional Myers-Perry-anti de Sitter spacetime. We derive the equations of motion and present their solutions in terms of the Weierstra{\ss} $\wp$-, $\sigma$- and $\zeta$-functions. With the help of parametric diagrams and effective potentials we analyze the geodesic motion and give a list of all possible orbit types for timelike, null and spacelike geodesics. We plot examples of the orbits and take a look at… 

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