Geodermatophilus, a new genus of the Dermatophilaceae (Actinomycetales).

  title={Geodermatophilus, a new genus of the Dermatophilaceae (Actinomycetales).},
  author={G M Luedemann},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={96 5},
Organisms having a complex life cycle similar to the animal pathogen Dermatophilus congolensis have been isolated from soils of the United States. The soil isolates grow readily on agar media producing a black, friable, or sooty colony; in broth, the isolates produce a thick sediment with a clear supernatant fluid and occasionally a black surface pellicle. The generic taxon Geodermatophilus is proposed for these soil isolates. Geodermatophilus differs morphologically from Dermatophilus in… CONTINUE READING