Geochronology of wadi tushka: lost tributary of the nile.

  title={Geochronology of wadi tushka: lost tributary of the nile.},
  author={Chris Haynes},
  volume={210 4465},
The Sadat Canal, now under construction, is designed to drain excess water from Lake Nasser to the Western Desert by way of Wadi Tushka, a sand-filled, dry-wash tributary of the Nile 34 kilometers north of Abu Simbel. Core-drilling logs made by the Aswan High Dam Authority prior to excavation of the Sadat Canal and along 48 kilometers of its axis reveal as much as 33 meters of unconsolidated sand and gravel over Mesozoic bedrock and under surficial dune sand and playa muds of Holocene age… CONTINUE READING

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