Geochemistry of carbonaceous impactites from the Gardnos impact structure , Norway

  title={Geochemistry of carbonaceous impactites from the Gardnos impact structure , Norway},
  author={I. A. Gilmour and Bevan M. French and Ian A Franchi and Janice Abbott and Robert M. Hough and Jason Newton and Christian Koeberl},
The Gardnos impact structure in southern Norway is one of only two known impact structures (among 175) whose impactites contain significant amounts (typically 0.2–1.0 wt.%) of carbon, or 5 to 10 times the amount present in the target rocks; Sudbury, Canada is the other. This study extends a previous investigation of the geochemistry and petrology of Gardnos impactites (French et al., 1997) with additional sampling and a detailed investigation of the nature and possible origin of the… CONTINUE READING


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