Geochemistry of Compositionally Distinct Late Cretaceous Back-Arc Basin Lavas : Implications for the Tectonomagmatic Evolution of the Caribbean Plate

  title={Geochemistry of Compositionally Distinct Late Cretaceous Back-Arc Basin Lavas : Implications for the Tectonomagmatic Evolution of the Caribbean Plate},
  author={Alan R. Hastie and Ryan Ravi Ramsook and S. Mitchell and Andrew C. Kerr and I L Millar and Darren F Mark},
The Cretaceous Blue Mountain Inlier of eastern Jamaica contains the Bellevue lavas, which represent a Midto Late Campanian back-arc basin succession of tholeiitic volcanic rocks. The lavas are composed of basic/intermediate and intermediate/acidic subgroups that can be related by intraformation fractional crystallization. Trace element and Hf radiogenic isotope data reveal that the mantle component of the Bellevue magmas is consistent with derivation from a mantle plume (oceanic plateau) source… CONTINUE READING


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