Geochemistry: Biosignatures and abiotic constraints on early life

  title={Geochemistry: Biosignatures and abiotic constraints on early life},
  author={Barbara Sherwood Lollar and Thomas M McCollom},
Arising from: Y. Ueno, K. Yamada, N. Yoshida, S. Maruyama & Y. Isozaki 440, 516–519 (2006); Ueno et al. replyUeno et al. contend that methane found in fluid inclusions within hydrothermally precipitated quartz in the Dresser Formation of western Australia (which is roughly 3.5 Gyr old) provides evidence for microbial methanogenesis in the early Archaean era. The authors discount alternative origins for this methane, suggesting that the range of δ34CCH4 values that they record (−56 to −36‰) is… CONTINUE READING

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